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It’s not easy making tech geeks, doctors, and healthcare pros sound good. Believe me, I know.

I’ve been a business writer and technical writer for these uber-smart folks for 20 years. They write like they think. With complex ideas and 5-dollar words, they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher to most of us (wah-wah-wa-wa-wah).

That works great in academic settings, or when they talk to their own tribes.
But in marketing, it’s deadly.
In sales, it’s even deadlier.

Are you an agency with Healthcare, IT, and Technology clients?

Most of my clients are ad and content marketing agencies. It’s a challenge for agencies to find experienced writers who know these technical topics. They often need extra hands to write the content their clients need. If you need an experienced freelance writer to tackle these specialty areas, I can help.

Are you a Healthcare, IT, or Technology B2B?

Do your marketing and sales pieces generate blank stares? Or worse, no response at all?
Are your sales staff spending more time explaining than selling?
Then maybe it’s time for some help.

I enjoy working with the brilliant nerds in healthcare, IT, and technology. Why? Because I’m a nerd myself. I’m a word nerd.
I’ve been known to take bad marketing copy and rewrite it completely—just for fun!
I look at complex writing as a challenge because I know I can make it simpler and easier to understand.
Bad writing drives me batty. Especially when I know how much better it could be.

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