7 Warning Signs that Your B2B Content Marketing Has Gone Off the Rails

Is your B2B content marketing still resonating with your audience?What do you do when your B2B content marketing goes off the rails, hits the skids, jumps the shark? If your B2B content marketing focus has faded—along with your audience—here are a few ways to renew the fire in your fans.

1. You Don’t Know What Your Audience Wants

Sometimes the best way to get your audience back on board is to find out what they want to know about your business or service. If a blog is part of your marketing plan, go back and read through recent comments. Is there a common thread? Are there any unanswered questions? Take a deeper look and see if you can find clues about what your audience wants to hear. If you don’t have a blog, do you have a Twitter feed? A customer service department? A sales team that interacts with customers? Then ask them what they’ve heard from customers. All these are great resources for finding out what’s in the mind of your customers and what they want to know from you.

2. You Have No Plan for Your Content Marketing

You do have a plan, right? If you participate in content marketing, then you need one. As I mentioned in my previous post No Time for Content Marketing? 9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Content Flowing, the B2B Content Marketing Report states that 72% of marketers have a content strategy but only 30% have it written down. As the report states, “Companies with a documented content strategy are much more likely to be very or extremely
effective (36 percent) than those without a documented strategy (11 percent).”

3. Your Marketing Is a One-Way Conversation

When readers and prospects interact with you, do you talk back? If you’re not interacting with them, responding to comments, answering questions, taking note of what they are saying about your brand, then you’re missing the “social” part of “social media.” Don’t ignore your audience.

4. You’re Not Talking About Your Business or Its Objectives

Having fun with your content marketing is fine, but there should always be a common thread running through it all. It should all be in support of your brand, your business, your company objectives. If your content isn’t clearly communicating what you’re all about, then what’s the point?

5. You’re Telling More Than Showing

Andreas von der Heydt is the head of Kindle content at Amazon. He wrote a great article called How To Rock Content Marketing. In it, he quotes Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute: “Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” What can you show? Can you upload a video demo of your product or service? Can you publish a case study? How many testimonials are part of your content marketing. Stop saying how great you are and try showing it instead.

6. You’re Not Where Your Audience Is

Copyblogger recently said bye-bye to Facebook. The reason: Facebook wasn’t a good fit with their fan base. They had more luck with Twitter and Google+, and that’s where their audience was and where they interacted. It’s okay to dump something that doesn’t work. Don’t pour time into a loser. If your audience isn’t there, move on.

7. You’re Treating Your Content Like a Commodity Instead of a Product

The bottom line on B2B marketing content is this: If your content has no value to your audience, then why are you pushing it? Your content should provide value, service, help to your audience. If it isn’t something you’d offer your customer in a face to face conversation, then why are you pushing it elsewhere. Quality is your bottom line with the product or service that you sell and it should be  your bottom line with content marketing as well.

B2B cntent marketing can be an effective and inexpensive way to reach potential leads. When it works, it talks to your tribe, those most excited about what you do. When it doesn’t work, you’re primarily talking to yourself. What other ideas have you  used to refocus your content marketing?

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