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RondaSwaney_7As a freelance B2B and business writer, I write the hard stuff, but make it look easy. I can spin your story out of even the driest, most technical content. Technology, IT and, healthcare — I take on the writing projects that other writers won’t even touch. I work directly with B2Bs companies and for ad and content marketing agencies. If you have complex material but need it written in a simple, easy-to-understand way, I can help.  I write all types of content. This includes blog posts, case studies, success stories, white papers, newsletters, and more.

I love helping my clients tell their stories. Stories are powerful. They provide the best source for marketing content.If you can get your reader hooked by your story, then you’re halfway home. Stories are the things that connect us together, tie us to other people.

Some clients have a hard time finding their stories. Sometimes you’re too close to your business to see what your stories are. That’s why it helps to have a writer—another set of eyes—look at your business objectively. I can help you see your most powerful marketing messages. As an outsider, I see you as customers see you. This viewpoint can be invaluable as you market to clients and prospects.

So, how did I gain the skills to find your story? That’s a great question! I worked as the Managing Editor for a book publisher early in my career. In that time, I helped dozens of writers self publish. After that, I worked as a freelance editor for 13 years. I edited nearly 100 books in dozens of genres.

This experience taught me how to edit the works of others and still have their true voice come through loud and clear. As I work on your marketing, it’s your voice that will be heard. And that’s how it should be—it’s your business that you are promoting. Your personality, your knowledge, your expertise must shine through clearly.

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