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“Ronda came to eParamus to help with blog writing. Over the years she has helped write/edit our website, whitepapers, and our first book! She is a rare talent who communicates our highly technical message into clear digestible parts. Ronda listens, interprets, and crafts the message in such a way that others enjoy reading and the message is clearly heard. I highly recommend her for any project where you need to engage and build an audience. Equally important, Ronda is a true professional and is viewed as part of our ‘internal’ team. We know her dedication to our cause has been an instrumental part in our growth and we are thankful she has shared her expertise with us!”

Laura Paramoure, PhD, President and CEO, eParamus

“You’re one of the most professional, reliable writers I’ve ever worked with! Very proud and happy that you’re on my team. You’re the best!”

Natalie Petitto, Editorial Manager, Skyword

“I’ve been in the IT education industry for almost 20 years and Ronda is one of the most detailed editors I’ve ever worked with. Her attention to detail and her work ethic are top notch. Her writing skills are also perfection. Having her on a project is like a silver lining, you know you won’t have to worry about the end product at all.”

Brenda Thistle, Director of Operations, FastLane

“Ronda is one of the most diligent, hardworking, accurate, and wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging. Whether doing business as usual or facing high-pressure situations with extremely short deadlines, Ronda always came through with superior results.”

Kimberly Watson, Director of Development and Programs, FastLane

“Thank you so much for all of your work the last few months. It is amazing when you envision programs for your company and then you see that they are in market and making an impact on your business. I am so happy that you reached out to me on LinkedIn and I got back to you.”

Christine Downs, Director of Marketing, Right Networks

“Ronda is impressive. It should go without saying that her skills in writing are flawless and her ideation for customers is unmatched…Ronda is reliable and dependable while maintaining the impressive flexibility and professionalism of an experienced content marketer. I enjoyed every opportunity we had to interact on a content project.”

Emily Stalvey, Marketing Associate, Omnistream

“Thank you again for writing this article. Your copy is flawless, and I really appreciate the way you structured the story.”

Amber Lindros, Managing Editor, Home By Design

“Awesome job, Ronda. You are an amazing writer.”

Sheldon Wolitski, CEO, The Select Group

“You’re awesome! Thank you for the fast turnaround and quality work; I appreciate your time.”

Marc Gura, Marketing Communications Manager, Sensus

“You are awesome. Thank you! I love it. You get what I’m trying to do.”

Toby Groves, writer, blogger, and public speaker, Viral Ethics

“I have read over the content and think it is spot on! You captured the approach we need.”

A.S. Calhoun , American Biographical Institute

“Thanks for being Superwoman again! I could not have done this without all your hard work. Given the insane timeline and rocky start to the project, I think we produced a pretty good course.”

David Chapman, SecureNet Consulting, Fast Lane course developer

“Thank you for such a lovely article. The spread came out very nice and I’m proud to be a part of the issue.”

Laurie Deliman-Burke, L.D. Burke Designs