Need More Leads? Blog Early and Often.

B2B companies that blog 11+ times per month get nearly 3X more traffic than those that blog 0 to 1 times per month.

B2B companies that blog 11+ times per month get nearly 3X more traffic than those that blog 0 to 1 times per month.

Does your blog look like an abandoned graveyard? I know, I know. You’re busy. But blog posts create leads.

Consider the data from HubSpot. That info may alter your blog post priorities forever.

Blogging Wins Big. Consider the Data.

HubSpot pulled data from 13,500+ customers and found the following:

  • When a company published 16+ blog posts a month, they got nearly 3.5X the traffic and 4.5X the leads of companies that posted 0 to 4 posts.
  • The smaller your company, the bigger your blog bang for the buck. Companies of 1 to 10 employees that posted 11 or more times per month had 3x more traffic than companies of the same size that only posted 0 to 1 times and 2x as much traffic of those with 2 to 5 posts.
  • For B2B companies, blogging 11+ times per month created 3x more traffic than B2Bs posting 0 to 1 time per month.
  • Old posts are just as important as new posts. On HubSpot’s own site, more than 75% of their views and 90% of their leads came from old posts.
  • Bigger can be better. Companies with 401+ total blog posts got about twice as much traffic as companies with only 301 – 400 blog posts.

Need More Blog Posts? Do This.

Think you have no time for content marketing? Struggling for ideas? Here are some answers.

  1. Make a Written Plan: According to the B2B Content Marketing Report, 72% of marketers have a content strategy but only 30% have it written down. You may ask, “How will a written plan give me more time?” Blogging is so much easier when know what you need each week and each month. A written plan creates your road map. Be like print magazines and create an editorial calendar. That way you will know exactly what content you want to cover every  month. You don’t have to guess about topics. You know what you need to do.
  2. Pair Your Blog With Other Marketing Activities: People who read your B2B blog care about what you do.  Going to a conference? Have one post before the conference to announce your attendance. Add another post asking your readers to meet you at the conference. Post at least once during the conference itself to tell your readers what you’re doing and learning. Post a follow up once you get back telling what you learned and who you met.
  3. Curate Content. You probably read stuff about your industry all time time. Do you tell your followers, clients, and leads about it? You may have access to information they don’t. Spread that knowledge with a timely blog post.
  4. Mine the Front Lines. Who in your company interacts most with customers? Ask them regularly if they have good stories to tell about a great customer interaction. Find out if they get asked the same questions all the time. If they do, blog to answer those top questions.
  5. Spread the Love. Could other groups in your company contribute to your blog? Ask each group to contribute one new article a month. Dividing the work lightens everyone’s load.
  6. Outsource. You’re trying to run a business here. If you can make more money doing your thing than you can by writing about doing your thing, then consider outsourcing. Hire a B2B writer to pump out posts.

What about you? How do you keep the ideas flowing for your blog posts? Please comment. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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Ronda Swaney is a professional B2B writer, blogger, and content marketer. She helps healthcare, IT, and technology firms (and content agencies who work with these types of firms) write better stories. Contact her today if you need a professional writer for your project.

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