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Content Marketers: Your “Why” Makes the “What” Matter

I have never seen a video that shows the importance of “why” better than this one. The video isn’t aimed at content marketers, but I personally found this example amazing. The video is 3:48 and is from Michael Jr*. If you’re a writer or creator of any kind, you should watch it. Seriously. Watch it [...]

How to Write a Killer Case Study for Your B2B

A case study is what happens when a testimonial and product demo have a baby. This perfect combo shows how your product or service works in the real world using actual customers to tell the story. The case study pairs up a great client with a common problem and then describes how your service or [...]

6 Storytelling Mistakes You Must Not Make In your Marketing

Business writers and marketers use the words “story” and “storytelling” to describe what they do. Sometimes this confuses our clients. Here’s what I mean when I say “story” and how it relates to sales and content marketing writing. A story narrates something — true or made up — using a standard narrative structure. That structure [...]

Start-Ups, Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Investor Pitch Presentation

I couldn't help but cringe. I was at a statewide technology conference. A small group of start-ups were giving their investor pitch presentations. They were competing for the crowd's votes. The most votes would win the day. Things were not going well. It was painful to watch. Have Plan B, C, D, and Maybe Even [...]

The Power of Storytelling: Why Stories Matter in Your Marketing

The Power of Storytelling in 6 Short Words “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” That brief sentence displays the power of storytelling. Legend says (probably falsely) that Ernest Hemingway wrote that six-word story. True or not, those six words contain power. Humans are so wired for story that we fill in the blanks without prompting. [...]