Content Marketers: Your “Why” Makes the “What” Matter

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Content Marketers: Your “Why” Makes the “What” Matter

I have never seen a video that shows the importance of “why” better than this one. The video isn’t aimed at content marketers, but I personally found this example amazing.

The video is 3:48 and is from Michael Jr*. If you’re a writer or creator of any kind, you should watch it. Seriously. Watch it now.

I hope you were as struck by it as I was. The song was transformed when the singer knew the “why” behind his “what.” The first time he tries, he knows what he is. He’s a singer. The second time he sings, he knows why he is singing. It’s that knowledge that transformed the performance.

Why-Matters-More-Than-WhatAs we write, as we create, as we build, the “why” is what makes a difference.

It’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Between mildly interesting and elevated.

Between yawn-inducing and chillbump-inducing.

If your “what” is writing or content marketing, why are you writing?

Why do you do what you do?

Why are you compelled to try to make a connection with that reader/viewer/buyer?

When you know that answer, your content becomes way more than just words.

If you need help discovering the “why” behind your “what,” I hope you’ll contact me.

(*Michael Jr is a Christian comedian. If that’s your thing, cool. If that’s not your thing, also cool. His faith isn’t the point of the video nor is it the point I’m trying to make here.)

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