If All Your Content Marketing Disappeared Today, Would Anyone Care?

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If All Your Content Marketing Disappeared Today, Would Anyone Care?

Would anyone care if all your content marketing disappeared today?Is your content any different from the content already out there?

If all the content marketing on your website disappeared today, would anyone care?

Lately, I’ve asked myself those two questions, prompted by this Joe Pulizzi article.

As a content marketer, I write my own business content and the content marketing for many other businesses. Since this is what I do for a living, both questions gave me pause.

In the article, Pulizzi describes leading a seminar for a diverse bunch of business owners. All were unhappy with their marketing.

After a round of complaints, he’d heard enough. He stopped his presentation and altered course.

His first question was this: “Is the content you are creating and distributing for your customers any different than anything else out there?”

Their response: silence.

Are You Any Different From All the Rest?

When many of my clients come to me, this is their initial problem. They sound way too much like everyone else in their field. Or worse, they sound so generic that their content makes no impression.

When I create content strategies with new clients, this is one of the first things I try to dig for. What is their personality? What is their true niche in their field? Do they know the persona of their ideal customer? What content will matter to those customers?

When you ask yourself these questions, do you know the answers?

Many business leaders are too close to their own business. It’s hard for them to respond because their view is from the inside.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to show them what impression (or lack of impression) they are making.

If Your Content Marketing Disappeared, Would It Matter?

This question really hit home for me.

Again, content creation is what I do. If all my work, for myself and all my clients, was rounded up and set on fire, never to be seen again, would anyone miss it?

God, I hope so. I want my content to matter to my clients, but most importantly, I want it to matter to their clients.

I want to believe there’s a gap we’re filling, a need we’re meeting, a source of valuable information that they can’t find anywhere else.

For myself, both questions have made me evaluate the content I create.

For my clients, I want them to answer both of these questions with a resounding yes.

This reflection has refocused my attention and my efforts.

I’ve always aimed to create great content for my clients. But now I’m aiming for the exceptional.

I want the content to matter. I want to ensure my clients stand head and shoulders above all their competitors.

I want their customers to crave the content we create together. I want them to miss it if it’s gone.

So, if all your current content marketing disappeared today, would anyone care? If they wouldn’t, how are you going to change that?

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