Beauty From Ashes—After a Fire a New Kitchen Takes Shape

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Project Description

In the fall of 2010, an accidental fire blazed through the home of Dr. Lance and Annetta Audirsch and their two children, leaving much of it damaged and unrecognizable. Despite the devastation, the family took a positive approach: “We were fortunate in that we lost a lot, but we didn’t lose everything,” says Annetta. “We actually were able to save some of our most cherished elements, including photos and family mementos.”

Although the damage meant months of displacement, the family embraced a similarly positive approach in rebuilding, including designing a new kitchen to match their contemporary style. “Our entire house is monochromatic, with a very clean palette and uncluttered look,” says Annetta. “This was an opportunity to blend the kitchen into the rest of our home.” 

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