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Challenging the Notion of Normal in a Sydney, Australia Show Garden

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Project Description

Challenging Normal
A Sydney Show Garden Reveals New Uses for Common Objects and Design Icons

“Design is often about recreating something that has existed for a long time,” says Dean Herald, managing director and principal landscape designer of Rolling Stone Landscapes in Sydney, Australia. “Building a chair differently, building a table differently, making water flow uphill, that’s the beauty of what design is all about. Good design challenges what is normal.” Challenging normal was the approach used in this show garden that Herald created at the Sydney Housing Industry Association (HIA) Home Show. “Clients often want something similar to what I’ve done before,” he says. “With a show garden, I get the opportunity to break new ground and show the next client what they could potentially have.”

Herald designed this garden with his typical (yet imaginary) client in mind. And having an imaginary client has its upside. You don’t have to negotiate creative choices or convince anyone that the end result will be worth it. “you can take on the risk of using intersting and unique materials,” says Herald. “You display all these things together and prove that it works. ” You are also not bound by a home’s architecture or any architecture for that matter. These gardens are freestanding structures that come together in days. “Design shows are instant. A lot of planning goes into them, but you generally build them in five to ten days,” says Herald. “In reality, when built correctly, these gardens might take three or four months to build for a client.”

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