Evolving Beauty—A Garden Estate Project in Caledonia, Ontario

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Project Description

Evolving Beauty
This Caledonia, Ontario Estate Showcases More Than a Decade of Landscape Projects

Some landscapes take on a life of their own. And sometimes you can never do enough; not because there’s a deficiency, rather, because there’s always an opportunity to enhance the natural beauty that already exists. This estate in Caledonia, Ontario, a rural community about one hour southwest of Toronto, presents almost endless possibilities for adding beauty. “We’ve worked there nearly fifteen years and completed close to fifteen projects on the site,” says Harry Gelderman of Gelderman Landscape Services in Waterdown, Ontario. “This has been a project in the making.”

With every client, Gelderman tries to get at the heart of what they long for. “When I first meet with a client, my goal is to know the end result that they desire. Do they want to entertain? Do they want to feature a piece of art? What do they want to achieve when all is said and done?” explains Gelderman. For the owners of this home, their initial goal was simple and shared by many homeowners: beautify the property. But this couple is community minded, and over time their goal morphed into adding enjoyment for their neighbors as well. The couple graciously allows wedding photos to be taken on their country estate property.

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