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Project Description

“I came out of a supermarket on the Upper West Side, looked up, and saw this beautiful building. I thought to myself, ‘If I had a client in that building, I’m sure they would be wonderful.’ I just had a really good feeling,” says Hilary Unger, owner of New York City-based Perianth Interior Design. The next morning, that thought became reality. A client called seeking a designer for a 5,500-square-foot condo in that very building. “It was unbelievable. They turned out to be a really wonderful family,” says Unger of the couple with two young children.

With only finished floors and walls, the huge space was blank. Despite the empty space, the owners had specific ideas for each room. “They are in the entertainment business and wanted their rooms to be like theatre vignettes,” says Unger. Some rooms display more drama than others, but the colors and items in each room were chosen with specific purposes in mind.

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Project Details

Skills Needed: