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Project Description

The book is the new business card. In fact, it’s the mother of all business cards. If you need to sell your business, your service, or yourself, there is no better marketing tool than Lead-Generating Books.

The goal of a lead-generating book is not to earn royalties—it’s to gain customers. Books also position you as an expert in your field.

You can use them as calling cards with prospects, give them away at conferences, offer them for sale at speaking engagements, mail them to potential prospects. The possibilities are endless.

Dr. Paramoure runs a training consulting business. She is an expert in her field of instructional design and training  measurement. She has developed a proprietary method to measure training ROI—a problem that learning professionals all over the world have been trying to solve. Without giving away all of her secrets, she explains the process in her book. The book ably demonstrates her expertise on the subject and shows prospects a clear concise way to measure training ROI.

With ROI By Design, Dr. Paramoure had written most of the material when she approached me about the project. She and I then worked together to copyedit her content. As a Ph.D., Dr. Paramoure thinks and writes at a very high level. She definitely knows her content and often approaches it as an academic. I was able to some complex content and transform it to be more accessible to the everyday person. After we had a final draft, I advised Dr. Paramoure through the publication process with CreateSpace, a division of Amazon. She now has these books on hand when she attends conferences or participates as a public speaker.

If you’re interested, here’s more information on Lead-Generating Books and how you can use them to sell your products and services.

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