The Ocean Inspires the Palette of Vancouver High-Rise

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Project Description

The view of the Vancouver Harbor would provide sufficient inspiration for anyone. But the vista wasn’t the only reason for incorporating watery blue accents into this condo’s decor. “Our client works on the water and has a strong connection to the ocean,” says Gaile Guevara, owner of Gaile Guevara Interior Design & Creative located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The young homeowner provides boat services for the movie industry, a long-time family business. Because he works long hours, he wanted his condo to be an oasis reflecting what he loves beyond his job: family, friends, and his faithful lab Griffin.

Griffin inspired several design choices. “He takes Griffin with him to work,” says the designer. “

[The dog is] getting a bit older, so many decisions related to furniture finish, style, and placement were made to be Griffin friendly.” Several textiles in the home are indoor-outdoor commercial grade so it’s easier for the owner to clean off pet hair. Much of the furniture sits low to the ground, and most accessories and lights are intentionally away from surfaces, so an accidental bump by Griffin doesn’t cause any damage. The finish of the wire-brushed white oak floors can also take abuse. Even Griffin’s dog bowl is customized with his name and placed at an ideal height for an older dog.

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Project Details

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