A Toronto Victorian Is Brought Back to Life

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Project Description

Victorian Revival
Humor, Passion, and Mid-century Finds Reawaken a Long-Neglected Residence

Designer and architect Stephane Charmard left behind his Parisian business to move to Toronto with his husband, a Canadian doctor. The new couple needed a home and Charmard needed to relocated his business (stephanechamard.com). “I thought the house would be a good business card, an introduction to show people what I can do,” he says. So the designer searched for the perfect blank canvas. “Finally, I found a Victorian that hadn’t been remodeled,” he says. “We French people love to take old houses and enhance their heritage by mixing in things that are modern.”

At 4,500 square feet, the house was far larger than the couple required. The size also presented a challenge to decorate and furnish adequately. And because of high shipping costs, Chamard brought only his beloved books and magazines from France.

Contrasts of age, style and color play throughout the house. The most obvious contrast is Charmard’s predominant use of black and white. “I wanted something simple and neutral, but also modern,” he explains. “Because the house is so big, I could show all the different possibilities with black and white.”

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Project Details

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