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IT Training Ad

The purpose of this ad was to convey an IT training company that was responsive to customer needs and delivered on expectations. Use of the word cloud image was the idea that I presented to the client as a way to include keywords without overwhelming the reader with too much copy. Use of sparse text [...]

Expert Series—Ad 1

The goal of this ad series was to make readers wonder: How does an expert become an expert? The imagery was meant to convey expertise in certain fields. The goal of the text was to persuade the reader that training and practice is what leads to expertise, particularly in the high tech field. Of course, [...]

Expert Ad Series—Kazoo

This ad was part of the expert ad series. The goal was to juxtapose the text with the image. The idea was to create a sense of urgency related to loss of customers when errors happen. The text conveys how businesses require expertise among their staff to keep customers and always provide a seamless interaction.