D.C. Carriage House Transformed Into Urban Supper Club

Carriage House Collaboration A Team Approach Transforms a Derelict Building into a Home and Urban Supper Club Blagden Alley is a historic district in downtown Washington, D.C. Structures there date from the mid- to late nineteenth century. The original community mixed the affluent and the working class in close quarters. Alley dwellings often included stables, [...]

Challenging the Notion of Normal in a Sydney, Australia Show Garden

Challenging Normal A Sydney Show Garden Reveals New Uses for Common Objects and Design Icons “Design is often about recreating something that has existed for a long time," says Dean Herald, managing director and principal landscape designer of Rolling Stone Landscapes in Sydney, Australia. "Building a chair differently, building a table differently, making water flow [...]

Brooklyn Heights Brownstone Lovingly Restored and Expanded

Brooklyn Heights Brownstone A Two-Story Expansion Provides a Seamless Addition to This Nineteenth-Century Home This Brooklyn Heights brownstone first came to life in 1848. When the current owners purchased the home, it had already withstood a century and a half of updates and decor changes by other families. They knew the space needed renovation to [...]

A Toronto Victorian Is Brought Back to Life

Victorian Revival Humor, Passion, and Mid-century Finds Reawaken a Long-Neglected Residence Designer and architect Stephane Charmard left behind his Parisian business to move to Toronto with his husband, a Canadian doctor. The new couple needed a home and Charmard needed to relocated his business (stephanechamard.com). "I thought the house would be a good business card, [...]

Evolving Beauty—A Garden Estate Project in Caledonia, Ontario

Evolving Beauty This Caledonia, Ontario Estate Showcases More Than a Decade of Landscape Projects Some landscapes take on a life of their own. And sometimes you can never do enough; not because there’s a deficiency, rather, because there’s always an opportunity to enhance the natural beauty that already exists. This estate in Caledonia, Ontario, a [...]

Respectful Renovation in Western Massachusetts

Respectful Renovation An Eighteenth-Century Farmhouse Is Transformed into a Twenty-First-Century Vacation Retreat "Our reputation is that we respect old homes, but at the same time, we try to open them up, make them brighter, and modernize the [interiors],” says architect James Crisp of Millbrook, New York-based Crisp Architects. That reputation drew the owners of this [...]

Seattle Kitchen Provides Homeowners A Happy Place

When you buy an older house, it takes effort to personalize it and make it your own. Just ask designer Tammara Stroud of Seattle-based interior design firm Tammara Stroud Design. "The previous owners of this home installed a kitchen island that was about five feet tall and functioned as a display cabinet rather than an [...]

The Ocean Inspires the Palette of Vancouver High-Rise

The view of the Vancouver Harbor would provide sufficient inspiration for anyone. But the vista wasn’t the only reason for incorporating watery blue accents into this condo’s decor. “Our client works on the water and has a strong connection to the ocean,” says Gaile Guevara, owner of Gaile Guevara Interior Design & Creative located in [...]

Modern Day Meets Yesterday—Tribeca Apartment

"Construction on this modern New York City apartment began by completely gutting a circa-1870, five-story building. Where do you start a design when all you have is an empty shell? Asifa Tirmizi, cofounder and principal of Tirmizi Campbell—a New York City-based architecture and design firm—was hired by the developers of the property to answer that [...]