White Paper — Create Measurable Training

This white paper is part of a series created for a training and instructional design consultant. This white paper presents the firm and its CEO as a thought leader in the training industry. This paper in particular addresses a pressing need among training professionals—how to create training that can be measured. I wrote the content [...]

Case Study — Healthcare Training


This case study was written for a training consulting firm to show how their proprietary tool was used inside a healthcare organization. I wrote the content for this case study by interviewing both the CEO of the training consulting firm and a representative of the hospital. I also designed the layout of the document. To [...]

Email Newsletter

This monthly newsletter was ghostwritten and sent to a mailing list of current and potential prospects by a technical staffing company. The newsletter maintained an open rate of 23% over 24 months. The goal of the newsletter was to provide content of interest to prospective recruits, raise awareness of hot job openings, and maintain a [...]

Industry Newsletter

This monthly industry newsletter was written for a technology staffing company. The newsletter is distributed to the membership of a statewide technology association. The goal of the industry newsletter was to build credibility and show the agency as a thought leader. Regular topics included subjects that would interest both employers and job seekers. The newsletter [...]

Internal Newsletter

This monthly newsletter was an internal printed magazine written for company employees. It shared key information about the company as well as human interest stories highlighting company employees. Every month included hot topics related to legal issues, technical concerns, and HR updates. Written for an engineering company, it also included details about finished projects. This [...]