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I offer full service business writing—blogging and ghostblogging, ghostwriting, case studies, success stories, white papers, social media content writing, and more. If you need something written, I can help.

After you and I discuss your project, I provide a set price and written scope of exactly what the price covers. That way, you know exactly what the fee is and exactly what you will get. You’ll get a contract with all of that information detailed. Below are my starting rates for common projects.

  • Blogging, ghostblogging, and web article writing start at $300 per 300-600 word post. Cost depends on length, need for interviews, and if the post is bylined or ghostwritten.
  • Case studies/success stories range from $800 to $1,600 for 2 to 4 pages. Cost depends on length, interviews required, and background provided; writing only, can include  design for an additional fee.
  • White papers range from $1,600 to $3,200 for 4 to 8 pages. Cost depends on length, interviews required, and background provided; writing only, can include design for an additional fee.
  • Social media content packages. I offer 3 social media content packages that include blog posts, status updates, and tweets delivered monthly. The most popular package  includes 4 blog posts, 20 LinkedIn/Facebook status updates, and 80 tweets each month. Depending on your package, 6-month or 12-month contracts are required.
  • Content strategy planning starts at $1,000. Includes an audit of your current marketplace position, recommendations based on your current position, goals your business hopes to achieve using content marketing, and a detailed plan outlining how to achieve those goals.

These are my most requested project types, but if you have a specific project not mentioned here, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss it with you and provide a quote.

Sometimes, I can offer agencies discounts on my standard rates. That offer depends on a few things. How much content do you need? How large is your project? Can you offer a guaranteed level of work for 6 months or more? Do you manage client relationships directly? How flexible is your project timeline? May I add your projects to my portfolio?

I’ve entered into a number of agreements with agencies where both sides benefited from the arrangement. If you think my skills are a good fit for your agency, contact me and we can talk further.

For new clients, yes. Depending on the project size, the deposit ranges from 25 to 50% of the total project cost.

Yes. I only engage with new clients when they request and contract for project services of $1,000 or more. At my discretion, this policy may be waived after the first engagement.

For new clients, I require 25 to 50% of the total project fee before starting. I submit an invoice for the balance due at the end of the project and require payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

If any client is 30 days past due, all current work stops, transfer of copyright is withheld, and the client is dropped from my client list. I believe in mutual respect between myself and my clients. I deliver projects on time and I expect to be paid on time. Failure to pay on time is a deal breaker.

Contact me through my online contact form with your project details. I’ll follow up with questions so I can develop a solid idea of what you need. Once I understand what you need, I’ll send a quote. When you accept the quote, I will send a contract that both of us will sign. The contract protects both of us—making sure you get exactly what you ask for at the price and deadline quoted and that I get paid in a timely manner. (If you require my signature on a non-disclosure, non-compete agreement, I am happy to honor such requests.)

Sometimes my schedule allows rush work, but I add a premium of 15 to 25% above my standard rates.  You will know the rush fee amount up front and it will be part of our contract.